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eBates Moe MoneyMaker Adware Information

Name: eBates Moe MoneyMaker
Category: Adware
Advice: Remove
Risk: Elevated Risk Elevated threats are usually threats that fall into the range of adware in which data about a user's habits are tracked and sent back to a server for analysis without your consent or knowledge.
Description: Ebates MoneyMaker is an adware program that displays a number of popup adverts. Ebates MoneyMaker tries to disable programs that might interfere with its operation without your consent. This includes popup blockers.

The Moe Money Maker pops a small window reminding you that you could be saving when you visit a shopping site without clicking through Ebates first. You may then click on the window to be routed to Ebates. From the Ebates site, you may click through to your desired merchant so that you can earn cash back on all of your purchases.
The Moe Moneymaker loads everytime your computer loads, and runs in the background displaying targeted popups.

From the developer:
" In downloading and/or installing the Moe Money Maker Software, you agree to the following:
1)Ebates and its agents may pop up brief alerts when you can save money by shopping through Ebates or by using the Moe Money Maker Software. 2)Ebates may direct your traffic to the merchant of your choice. This may be done a)by presenting a choice in a pop up alert asking whether you wish to save by shopping through Ebates, thereby directing your browser through Ebates in order to ensure you earn a reward, or b)by automatically routing you through Ebates and automatically earning you a cash-back discount with no further action on your part being necessary. 3)Ebates may disable or uninstall any other product or software tool that might interfere with the operability of the Moe Money Maker Software or otherwise preempt or render inoperative the Moe Money Maker Software in a manner that might jeopardize the ability of Ebates to earn you cash back discounts or coupon savings offered by Ebates. In installing the Moe Money Maker Software, you authorize Ebates to disable, uninstall, or delete any application or software that might, in Ebates' opinion nullify its function and put you at risk of loosing the cash-back savings that Moe Money Maker Software is designed to earn you. 4)If you would like to utilize another savings tool, you can simply uninstall the Moe Money Maker Software before installing a competitive application. The Moe Money Maker Software can be easily uninstalled through the standard 'add or remove programs' control panel, or through the Moe Money Maker's preference settings.

You authorize Ebates to disclose to third parties information you have provided, or information that Ebates has obtained about your Ebates account or shopping behavior: (i) to agents of Ebates or its affiliates, such as independent auditors, consultants or attorneys; (ii) to comply with government agency or court orders or requests; (iii) in providing aggregated and non-personalized marketing services for an advertising or merchant partner, or (iv) where it is necessary for redemption or transfer of your discounts. Further, you authorize Ebates to receive any account information from any Affiliate Merchant including, but not limited to information regarding the Qualified Purchase such as the products ordered, the order number, the time and date the Qualified Purchase occurred, the email address entered for the Qualified Purchase. You agree to hold the Affiliated Merchant harmless for any information disclosed to Ebates. If you choose to download the Moe Money Makerô, you allow Ebates to collect, use and sell non- personalized marketing information regarding your visits and purchases to internet commerce sites.

By signing up for membership at Ebates, you agree to let us email you shopping-related emails as well as communications related to your account administration (e.g. that we've added money to your account, that we are mailing you a check on a certain date, etc). You can opt-out to any or all

Signatures: process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: 34022c4a978f1813e84... process: 55nn2.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker14.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: dkry.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: couponsandoffers1.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker_ver14.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: popup.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 4a0ffd2a404f9377ad9... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 432207f32f1dba455d8... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 98b183fdc393ff70e56... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: e3777cb474ebd9995c5... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 5982f7f81a05c9eeb0e... process: djebmm350.exe: MD5 Hash: 145c1f0ed5dcd492f9b... process: websavingsfromebates0.exe: MD5 Hash: 4ec6c7db37b359f48d3... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: d67dae5c4383ff21dec... process: jkill.exe: MD5 Hash: 3ebfd187e43df9b4527... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: 1429ec322bc973dd8f4... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: d26c3604dc4bb1bd054... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: ba792be916bcaa06c1b... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: ea468d04b040ce7346a... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 6140f316fc316565c90... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 280a779a4f472dbb6cf... process: mmaker4b.exe: MD5 Hash: de866715f2da4768ec0... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 2d74dea572ee9c3365f... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 9e3291ae4192db5eb7e... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 281e02263e6dc9f94f7... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 147b126d3ca236e1f8f... process: mmaker4b.exe: MD5 Hash: de866715f2da4768ec0... process: mmaker2.exe: MD5 Hash: 869e4c401101e0e7f30... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 470858637bf2cb85a64... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 377d0346a91cbf06c5c... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: cbd17efc61311990fd7... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: a6853859e86847cfd45... process: ebmm.exe: MD5 Hash: 4bc689a0d54f6c583d9... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: b9068b917a5048389b9... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: 01cc48cb67bdc6cf3fe... process: ebmm.exe: MD5 Hash: 20c5d77ae95ca9e9df2... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: a4b2519c92a8c444aaa... process: ebmm.exe: MD5 Hash: 53c90af2175ac75aece... process: ebmm.exe: MD5 Hash: 1c5f185aa124cd5fad7... process: ebmm.exe: MD5 Hash: d272c7f55a3febee9c3... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: f0121dfc0ee2d885386... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 056564a57da237edf2c... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: c1631424e0ce397db60... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 522ecefa0ab60ee6ad1... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 33e11b173468e1d9598... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: ba4d6455453f9d394c9... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: eede0dd939b090f5f14... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 3bbd3e498494402c13a... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 7968ed6767d392510c1... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: e9b89f377720a3751a0... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: e3da33d18996a883b7d... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 83004b64fb15154f702... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: bbf080e8c4e923a8ba8... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: c32c8190c835680b32e... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 94869f029961c97e910... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 41a535e9b3bf2c0398c... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 008d1778ab0a076078f... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 14c0fd45837feb83533... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 71a524c3692614c4694... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 44a232da8062f34a380... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: a51052ed6038c760961... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: aa85d5ecfa6833c7bfa... process: kjk.exe: MD5 Hash: d939e8bbf683ee39cf5... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 002b88b92a66176e732... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: b3265f52dbf499d7281... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 872175a139fcb122ef9... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 639d781f97685b247f7... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 9bdd34902dbd0a7107d... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: 21a2a983dc206d38faa... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 1ac0e2c3c38d1783351... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: e246256736c47dfdcbd... process: disp350.exe: MD5 Hash: d474a47d71aa9ce5830... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker0.exe: MD5 Hash: 5a4aaf89570670c0506... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker1.exe: MD5 Hash: 8b4033c9802ea379c12... process: ebatesmoemoneymaker.exe: MD5 Hash: 400f359d9eeead658d9..
Type: Adware - Adware is generally software that displays advertisements. Some advertisers may covertly install adware on your system and generate a stream of unsolicited advertisements that can clutter your desktop and affect your productivity. The advertisements may also contain pornographic or other material that you might find inappropriate. The extra processing required to track you or to display advertisements can tax your computer and hurt your system performance.

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