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Gnome Stealth Notifier Information

Name: Gnome
Category: Stealth Notifier
Advice: Remove
Risk: Elevated Risk Elevated threats are usually threats that fall into the range of adware in which data about a user's habits are tracked and sent back to a server for analysis without your consent or knowledge.

Signatures: process: gnome.exe: MD5 Hash: 016ae05de3accf381f1... process: gnomeeditor.exe: MD5 Hash: 34b675d71f74a935c5d..
Type: Stealth Notifier - A stealth notifier, also know as a call-home Trojan, is a Trojan program that will connect to a remote server via a stealth connection and notify the server that the Trojan has been installed. Many spyware and adware applications use notifiers to inform the ad servers that the software is active on the user's computer.

Top Stealth Notifier Visited Pages:
Sin4Cyn - Alias: Backdoor.Cyn.22 - 165 visits
Net Devil - Alias: CGIPager-A, trojannotifier.win32.illnotifier.10 - 85 visits
GNotify - Alias: Backdoor.GNotify.10 - 78 visits
Bionet Static IP Notification - Alias: BackDoor-FK, Backdoor.Bionix.15 - 60 visits
SatanzCrew Notifier - Alias: BackDoor-APR trojan, BackDoor-APR, Backdoor.SatanCrew, MultiPager-B, MultiPager-B.cfg trojan, Screwn - 57 visits
Sin Static Ip Notifier - Alias: BackDoor-PB.gen - 57 visits
Bionix - 57 visits
Optix Lite Firewall Bypass - Alias: BackDoor-AHE, BackDoor-AHE trojan, BackDoor-AHE,, TrojanNotifi - 56 visits
SMS Pager - Alias: SMSPager-A - 54 visits
LiveList Notifier - Alias: Backdoor.LiveList.a, RNS LiveList Notifier - 54 visits

Random Stealth Notifier Pages:
KPager 3.0 - Alias: ICQPager-C, ICQPager-C, trojannotifier.win32.kpager.30, TrojanNotifier.Win32.Kpager.30
GNotify - Alias: Backdoor.GNotify.10
IP Rape - Alias: Backdoor.TrialDest.b, IP Rape 1.0
LiveList Notifier - Alias: Backdoor.LiveList.a, RNS LiveList Notifier
HippyNotify - Alias: TrojanNotifier.Win32.Hippy.20
Gnome - Alias: Gnotify, TrojanNotifier.Win32.Gnome.01, TrojanNotifier.Win32.Nawai.a, Trojannotifier.win32.nawai.a
Net Devil - Alias: CGIPager-A, trojannotifier.win32.illnotifier.10
Optix Lite - Alias: BackDoor-Sub7.cgi, Backdoor.SubSeven.22.a
Mutant Pager - Alias: Mutant ICQ Pager 1.0


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