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Y! Jacked v1.3 Password Hijacker Information

Name: Y! Jacked v1.3
Category: Password Hijacker
Alias: - Alias: Trojan.Spy.DKS.10, Trojan.Spy.DKS.11.b, Trojan.Spy.DKS.12..c
Advice: Remove
Risk: Elevated Risk Elevated threats are usually threats that fall into the range of adware in which data about a user's habits are tracked and sent back to a server for analysis without your consent or knowledge.
Description: Yahoo! Messenger password sender.

Yahoo! Messenger password sender. It will hijack your Yahoo Messenger ID and Password and e-mail to the hijacker. Open the URL "". Click on the link 'Enter Site'. It will open a web page, now in the heading 'Welcome' enter the Username and the password (If you don't have Username and Password first you signup) again it will open a webpage, now on the 'Main Menu' click on the "download" link, now in 'Download category' click on the link "Yahoo! Password senders", again it will open a new webpage click on the link "Y! Jacked v1.3", it will open a download webpage finaly click on the 'Download icon' it will open the 'File Download' dialog box click on save button to save a .zip file "" and logout from tha site. Unzip the file in a folder and Double click the file "Y! Jacked.exe" to install/run the Spyware.

Signatures: process: Booter.exe: MD5 Hash: 451c0fc1df339b0c531... process: Booter.exe: MD5 Hash: 451c0fc1df339b0c531... process: Y! Jacked.exe: MD5 Hash: cb7de2b0de2b3ce8def... process: Y! Jacked.exe: MD5 Hash: cb7de2b0de2b3ce8def... process: smss.exe: MD5 Hash: c48758d0224210e688e... process: svchost.exe: MD5 Hash: 57f172f3d7c03f8a545..
Type: Password Hijacker -

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