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Misc.SpywareNo! Misc Information

Name: Misc.SpywareNo!
Category: Misc
Advice: Remove
Risk: Elevated Risk Elevated threats are usually threats that fall into the range of adware in which data about a user's habits are tracked and sent back to a server for analysis without your consent or knowledge.
Description: SpywareNo! is a purported anti-spyware application to scan for and remove spyware from users' computers.

SpywareNo! is known to be distributed through exploits that also download adware/spyware on users' computers without notice or consent. SpywareNo! typically shows an icon in the sytem tray that pops up with a false warning that the computer is infected with spyware. Scan results report false positives in order to frighten the user into paying for the program.

SpywareNo! belongs to a family of similar applications including SpySheriff, PestTrap, SpyDemolisher, SpyTrooper and SpywareStop.

Signatures: process: spywareno.exe: MD5 Hash: 118b383d6324d143708... process: install.exe: MD5 Hash: 2d0ba7f6e2a627c8ca8... process: sefe.exe: MD5 Hash: 2ff4f401109659bae1e... process: winlogon.exe: MD5 Hash: 565424d60ec9518e4a8..
Type: Misc - Anything (other than a document) not in another category, perhaps because it falls into mulitple categories, such as a tool suite.

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