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Spector Key Logger Information

Name: Spector
Category: Key Logger
Advice: Remove
Risk: Severe Risk Severe threats typically are remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, which can lead to system compromise. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction and exploits are in the wild. There exists a high possibility of potential system damage or security flaw. Attacker has complete control over your computer or install new software on your machine.
Description: Spector monitors keystrokes, emails, chat conversations, visited web sites and takes snapshots of the current contents of the display.

Commercial application.

Signatures: process: sp40setup.exe: MD5 Hash: 1390f9b7ef89a831b65... process: spadmin.exe: MD5 Hash: 371f11d8c2dbf73265d... process: spector_eval.exe: MD5 Hash: dd7281d23b39145d4e5... process: spsetup.exe: MD5 Hash: e69909bb8d872cd20c0... process: webebot.exe: MD5 Hash: a35a65f53b427c22c91... process: winnetcl.exe: MD5 Hash: 8b2ec48919a252b26c6... process: winnetcl.exe: MD5 Hash: dbaa11b82d2c2a25677... process: winnetcl.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: wswinntfp.exe: MD5 Hash: ..
Type: Key Logger - Spyware's primary purpose is to collect demographic and usage information from your computer, usually for advertising purposes. Spyware usually that 'sneaks' onto a system or performs other activities hidden to the user. Spyware programs are usually bundled as a hidden component and downloaded from the Internet. These modules are almost always installed on the system secretively and try to run secretively as well.

Top Key Logger Visited Pages:
Keyboard Thief - 3452 visits
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor - 2568 visits
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor 5.0 - 2095 visits
Keyboard Spectator Lite 1.3 - 1970 visits
Phantom of the Keyboard II - 1820 visits
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor Pro - Alias: SKInPro - 1436 visits
FKWP 2.0 - 456 visits
HackPass - 425 visits
Global Hook - 232 visits
winsniffer v1.22 - 143 visits

Random Key Logger Pages:
Advanced Call Recorder - Alias: ASProtect, Advanced Call Recorder 1.4
Teclass - Alias: TecWin, Trojan.Win32.Wintec
VB keylogger PWS
MiniKeyLog - Alias: MiniKeyLog 2.1
The PC Detective
SC-KeyLog - Alias: Keylog-SC, Trojan.Spy.SCKeyLog.a
Employee Monitoring
Windows Spy
Keyboard Spectator Lite 1.3


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