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Adw.FreePcScan.SpywareSlayer Adware Information

Name: Adw.FreePcScan.SpywareSlayer
Category: Adware
Alias: - Alias: Free Windows Games
Advice: Remove
Risk: Moderate Risk Moderate threats may profile users online habits or broadcast data back to a server with 'opt-out' permission. In most cases this type of threat is more along the lines of commercial type adware that offer a premium service in exchange for tracking your user online performance.
Description: Spyware Slayer is a rogue anti-spyware program the reports false positive infections. It then directs users to the web site and asks for payment to clean the PC.

Spyware Slayer is typically installed as part of a bundle installation of other Spyware. The program installer runs as a silent installation showing no prompts of confirmation or to cancel.

The program is a rogue anti spyware application that reports false positive installations. These false positives are to trick users into paying to enable Spyware Slayer and clean their PC.

Although it is normally part of a bundle installation, Spyware Slayer by itself is a relatively harmless installation and installs most files into itís own folders.

Spyware Slayer may be removed by using the Add/Remove application in the Windows Control Panel.

Signatures: process: spywareslayer.exe: MD5 Hash: 4124c2b0586a45107d4... process: setup.exe: MD5 Hash: 0fb9ada4468682a0f6b..
Type: Adware -

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