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Windows AdTools Adware Information

Name: Windows AdTools
Category: Adware
Alias: - Alias: Topantispyware
Advice: Remove
Risk: Elevated Risk Elevated threats are usually threats that fall into the range of adware in which data about a user's habits are tracked and sent back to a server for analysis without your consent or knowledge.
Description: Windows AdTools is an ad delivery software which provides targeted advertising offers.

From the EULA: "12. UPDATES. You grant WINDUPDATES.COM permission to add/remove features and/or functions to the existing software and/or service, or to install new applications, at any time, in its sole discretion with or without your knowledge and/or interaction. You grant WINDUPDATES.COM permission to make any changes to the software and/or service provided at any time.

13. You also specifically agree to abide by the Software Licensing Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Golden, n-CASE Privacy Policy, BetterInternet End User License Agreement and Bargain Buddy License Agreement.

14. SERVER INTERACTION. You understand and accept that when the software is installed, it periodically communicates with a server operated by WINDUPDATES.COM and/or third party servers.

15. INFORMATION COLLECTION. You understand and grant WINDUPDATES.COM permission to assign each copy of the software a unique software identification code. You also grant WINDUPDATES.COM permission to collect and store information of your internet usage habit, including but not limited to information about every web page you view with the full Uniform Resource Locators, and the content of web page. You understand and accept that Uniform Resource Locators and the content of web pages you view may include your personally identifiable information. You grant WINDUPDATES.COM permission to collect and store information on which toolbar buttons you click on, your response to advertising, the search terms you entered on the toolbar and/or all other information relates to your internet usage habit. WINDUPDATES.COM may at times ask you for your personally identifiable information, such as name, address, email address, zip code, telephone number. You hereby grant WINDUPDATES.COM permission to distribute your non personally identifiable information to our partners, agents, and/or any third party in WINDUPDATES.COMís sole discretion. WINDUPDATES.COM does not currently enable users to access, review, edit, or delete information, including internet usage information, collected during use of the Service. By using the WINDUPDATES.COM Software and/or Service you agree to waive any constitutional, common law, statutory, or regulatory right of access to such information that you might otherwise have or acquire."

Signatures: process: winadtools.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: winadctl.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: winadalt.exe: MD5 Hash: cb6476424a0d4253710... process: winadalt.exe: MD5 Hash: 380fccf1ce5fd9843f9... process: winadtools.exe: MD5 Hash: a6186bf553c4c209ac0... process: WinRatchet.exe: MD5 Hash: 6e2232d1be2dd9f064d... process: winadtools.exe: MD5 Hash: bbebe0a28233901ecf1... process: WinRatchet.exe: MD5 Hash: 6393d59db7667fdf77a... process: winadctl.exe: MD5 Hash: 4c40d18c55ab29752fa... process: winadctl.exe: MD5 Hash: 7c326fd5fb4e1076d5e... process: winratchet.exe: MD5 Hash: 2825d02ab1a37e0289c... process: adtools.exe: MD5 Hash: 1680d73ed0f6b0316c1... process: adtoolskeep.exe: MD5 Hash: 4de594b7b17b8070601... process: AdToolsKeep.exe: MD5 Hash: e29a15f63730a3c60fc... process: AdToolsKeep.exe: MD5 Hash: 1dd5ab5d73bbce7bcd2... process: AdToolsKeep.exe: MD5 Hash: a15082b481e0f976b3d... process: adtools.exe: MD5 Hash: aa84c65060f5fb2cc57... process: adtools.exe: MD5 Hash: 7c61f5f218c4ca64be5..
Type: Adware - Adware is generally software that displays advertisements. Some advertisers may covertly install adware on your system and generate a stream of unsolicited advertisements that can clutter your desktop and affect your productivity. The advertisements may also contain pornographic or other material that you might find inappropriate. The extra processing required to track you or to display advertisements can tax your computer and hurt your system performance.

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