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UrlBlaze P2P Information

Name: UrlBlaze
Category: P2P
Advice: Keep
Risk: Low Risk Low risk threats pose a very low risk or no immediate danger to your computer or your privacy, however these types of applications may profile user online habits, but only according to specific privacy policies stated in the applications End-User License. These types of threats generally borderline on being a threat to being a standard application that has a complex license agreement that you knowingly installed.

Signatures: process: urlblazeinst.exe: MD5 Hash: 3d853e71f7a224d1e1c... process: rmkey.exe: MD5 Hash: c4e9acf45e6ca1a0091... process: urlblaze.exe: MD5 Hash: 99f70e74aaf812e98ac... process: urlblazeinst.exe: MD5 Hash: c8586997487026b0c85... process: installer_urlblaze.exe: MD5 Hash: 34af2864a5f24c1b4b8..
Type: P2P - Any peer-to-peer file swapping program, such as Audiogalaxy, Bearshare, Blubster, E-Mule, Gnucleus, Grokster, Imesh, KaZaa, KaZaa Lite, Limewire, Morpheus, Shareaza, WinMX and Xolox. In an organization, can degrade network performance and consume vast amounts of storage. May create security issues as outsiders are granted access to internal files. Often bundled with Adware or Spyware.

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