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iMesh Adware Bundler Information

Name: iMesh
Category: Adware Bundler
Alias: - Alias: Fun Web Products
Advice: Keep
Risk: Low Risk Low risk threats pose a very low risk or no immediate danger to your computer or your privacy, however these types of applications may profile user online habits, but only according to specific privacy policies stated in the applications End-User License. These types of threats generally borderline on being a threat to being a standard application that has a complex license agreement that you knowingly installed.
Description: IMesh is an adware based file sharing application that uses P2P technology. This adware application comes packed with annoying popup adverts as well as bundles other adware software such as BonziBuddy, GAIN, and Shopathome.

IMesh installs a number of additional spyware threats automatically such as My Search Bar, and GAIN.

IMesh includes a service known as FlashTrack which is an advertising spyware module packaged as an Internet Explorer Browser helper Object (BHO) installed with the iMesh file sharing client. The FlashTrack service monitors web pages viewed and terms entered into forms on search engines. The FlashTrack software maintains a list of targeted sites and search terms. Upon a match a predetermined advert will open in a pop-up window.

IMesh is available from a number of file sharing sites such as, as well as from

From IMesh's Privacy Policy:
"We can provide you this version of iMesh for free because it is supported by the GAIN Network. GAIN ads and messages are selected for display based on how you surf the Web. They include the GAIN name and/or logo, so you’ll know they’re delivered by the GAIN Network - not by any website."

"iMesh is, however, funded by paid advertisers. With respect thereto, to try and bring you offers that are of interest to you, we have relationships with other companies that we allow to place ads on our website. As a result of your visit to our site or use of the website, ad server companies may collect information such as your domain type and your IP address to determine which country you are in and other geographic information to provide you with promotional material and offers that are available or relevant in your country. For further information, consult the privacy policies of "Shopathome" (, "Gain" (, "Cydoor" ( and "Newnet" (

The iMesh software DOES, however, include additional applications bundled with the software's installer file. Third-party applications bundled with this download may record your surfing habits, deliver advertising, collect private information, or modify your system settings. Pay close attention to the installation options. For further information, consult the privacy policies of "Shopathome" (, "Gain" (, "Cydoor" ( and "Newnet" ("

Signatures: process: antivirus_install.exe: MD5 Hash: 586230056f7e7771c5a... process: antivi~1.exe: MD5 Hash: 45bd8b8b5b400eee31a... process: antivi~1.exe: MD5 Hash: 388ef33054806c7f0ff... process: cd_ins~1.exe: MD5 Hash: 5d3a793dcde264ca62a... process: cnbabe.exe: MD5 Hash: 9b6a40bda6632dd255a... process: dcinstaller.exe: MD5 Hash: aca1554a31b9091df14... process: ezstub.exe: MD5 Hash: 0b1ca421673e70fa4ac... process: fsg.exe: MD5 Hash: 505a6e206ec44bc8cbb... process: fsg_3202.exe: MD5 Hash: aff4fe469adcf4af2d2... process: ftimesh.exe: MD5 Hash: c45308f09d05bdfca33... process: imeshclient.exe: MD5 Hash: 52f8b5590d309bf558d... process: imeshclient.exe: MD5 Hash: 5b974c4a7989c4e8b4a... process: imeshv3.exe: MD5 Hash: 02ba5177682c41ca28e... process: imesh_336.exe: MD5 Hash: 57a3e51150e22317490... process: imesh_~1.exe: MD5 Hash: dee753288ed75aeb1ea... process: stub.exe: MD5 Hash: 10bb78cf9f5c0b24d83... process: stub.exe: MD5 Hash: 23a7440b06ffce30d84... process: ttil_imesh.exe: MD5 Hash: c14cc9b2d28a00cce3a... process: ttil_imesh.exe: MD5 Hash: 796562d1e5072b1cbb2... process: ttil_i~1.exe: MD5 Hash: 6309881698b4a02bd08... process: winnet.exe: MD5 Hash: 701a3c44546bb26ad85... process: imeshv4.exe: MD5 Hash: ab6dcb665b0f085aacb... process: dcinstaller.exe: MD5 Hash: 6c41ad8c862fab022bb... process: imeshclient.exe: MD5 Hash: 311e357601ba82f6973... process: ndnuninstall4_85.exe: MD5 Hash: c30e4b55cace4f84b75... process: imeshv4.exe: MD5 Hash: 31c5debca6ab2a1a985..
Type: Adware Bundler - A Bundler is a software program that installs adware on your computer either with your permission or without. Most of the software classified as a bundler requires that the adware program(s) be installed in order for the actual software to complete installation or run. In addition in most cases if the adware is removed the software will cease to function as well.

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