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EGroup Dialer Dialer Information

Name: EGroup Dialer
Category: Dialer
Advice: Remove
Risk: Severe Risk Severe threats typically are remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, which can lead to system compromise. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction and exploits are in the wild. There exists a high possibility of potential system damage or security flaw. Attacker has complete control over your computer or install new software on your machine.
Description: EGroup Dialer is an ActiveX control for premium-rate diallers, usually for porn sites.

EGroup Dialer is installed by an ActiveX drive-by-download from porn-related pages such as and, which may be opened or redirected to by pop-up advertising.

The IEDial variant is known to be installed automatically, without prompting, on Internet Explorer versions earlier than IE6 Service Pack 1, due to a security hole. The installer pages exploit this to run an EXE which adds 'Electronic Group' to the list of trusted publishers whose software IE will install automatically without asking.

Signatures: process: random.exe: MD5 Hash: 422d9e09a561aa989f9..
Type: Dialer - A Trojan software is any software on a user's computer that the user is not aware or intentionally installed. Most Trojan software is designed to perform some sort of actions that could jeopardize the user's security or privacy.

Top Dialer Visited Pages:
Pornosex - 1100 visits
Pornosex.Sesso - 678 visits
Insestious - 179 visits - Alias: Adultoweb Dialer changes your modem's dial-up settings and attempts to connect to a premium or inter - 166 visits
Dialer.Wink - Alias: AutoSearchBHO, MSInfoSys - 165 visits
BTWebControl - 163 visits
SexyBills - 162 visits
Dialer.Thehun - 160 visits
Coulomb Dialer - 118 visits
Trojan:Win32/Adialer.HT - 94 visits

Random Dialer Pages:
Hacker Spider
Wonderland Plus
CAX Dialer
DialerOffline - Alias: Dialer-Offline
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