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Tro.YourStartingPage Trojan Information

Name: Tro.YourStartingPage
Category: Trojan
Advice: Remove
Risk: High Risk High risk threats typically are remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, which can lead to system compromise. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction. May open up communication ports, use polymorphic tactics, stealth installations, and/or anti-spy counter measures. May use a security flaw in the operating system to gain access to your computer.
Description: Tro.YourStarting page is a program that modifies the Windows system hosts file.

Tro.YourStarting creates the following entries in the hosts file: ieautosearch

If a user enters an incorrect URL, the web browser will be re-directed (hijacked) to or Tro.YourStartingPage also generates potentially unwanted pop-up advertising.

Signatures: process: sp2update00.exe: MD5 Hash: ec50c17528840b7a32a... process: asupdate.exe: MD5 Hash: 3657513c9b8c560eccb... process: msresearch.exe: MD5 Hash: a56e4354d62cc09a6c1..
Type: Trojan -

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