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Name: Chinese Keywords
Category: Browser Plug-in
Advice: Remove
Risk: Moderate Risk Moderate threats may profile users online habits or broadcast data back to a server with 'opt-out' permission. In most cases this type of threat is more along the lines of commercial type adware that offer a premium service in exchange for tracking your user online performance.

Signatures: process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: 41fe723e0dfa39a76a6... process: cdnctr.exe: MD5 Hash: a2865d3d21859e5eaab... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: ac4aee2a9cec54b1db1... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: 97bb46fbc01e3726140... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: 7f30077f6208831e5fb... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: ad21eb7ff9357b7c211... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 1aee434bde15778d4df... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: b130a2b242c1b73423f... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 45eb4e2c6a76dfb2486... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: 7070471aeb0893e5745... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: d6379b77fcc1f5cf4a5... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 228f4fda5fcb2e8d814... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: d40874489445fb8ef58... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: c7c59f7c5ddcafed6b8... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 00fd21f3c2338e89e28... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 136504b5aa436816abb... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: d477597732a11007c04... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: a278557036ffe28457c... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 17ede36c58e86027da0... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: c7a2152dede44069a9d... process: setup.exe: MD5 Hash: 9d4e392e8ac6a4420f1... process: cdncdnctr.exe: MD5 Hash: cdcd6d87cb6fd238fd4... process: cdnunins.exe: MD5 Hash: ... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 3b851f7049c3e0a1af2... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: 60f9c975c4173125314... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: 4bb7af76343746a652d... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: aa7277666a9ea312144... process: setup.exe: MD5 Hash: 70169cc65b287b7619c... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 2af4dcb9a251f0a33c6... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: be1f4d131b944cb74d4... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 86d975daa7d0739e847... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: e047aea0caac32e33f0... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: cc5beed1e0be02efa54... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: 37105dbdb4ba590ccb6... process: cdnup.exe: MD5 Hash: f0df4f250cb2e844bfe... process: cdnrenew.exe: MD5 Hash: a155e1f6d35146c1d67..
Type: Browser Plug-in - A browser plug-in is an application that can be installed within a user's web browser. Plug-ins can come in the form of a toolbar that is included in your web browser or a search or navigation feature to extra task buttons on the browser. Although most plug-ins are designed to perform necessary functions, many plug-ins are harmful to you computer because they have complete access to your web browser and can modify, spy and redirect any task you perform.

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