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Invisible FTP Trojan FTP Information

Name: Invisible FTP
Category: Trojan FTP
Alias: - Alias: Backdoor.FTP.Evilgoat.b
Advice: Remove
Risk: High Risk High risk threats typically are remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, which can lead to system compromise. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction. May open up communication ports, use polymorphic tactics, stealth installations, and/or anti-spy counter measures. May use a security flaw in the operating system to gain access to your computer.
Description: Invisible FTP opens a FTP server on port 21 and allows anyone to upload or download files.

Signatures: process: ftp.exe: MD5 Hash: fae70c31986d7aea5fd... process: ftp.exe: MD5 Hash: 8391639cc4f7798b174..
Type: Trojan FTP - A Trojan FTP is an FTP server that is installed on the user's computer by stealth means. An attacker can then connect to this server to download any files that exists on the user's computer.

Top Trojan FTP Visited Pages:
FTP Trojan Generator - 109 visits
ServUDaemon - Alias: ServU-Daemon - 105 visits
TFTPD32 - 104 visits
Slim FTPd - 82 visits
Little Witch FTP server - Alias: Backdoor.LittleWitch.41, Backdoor.LittleWitch.50 - 75 visits
FTP Backdoor - 63 visits FTP Server - Alias: BackDoor-ADC, Backdoor.FTP.Kcom, Backdoor.KCom.ftp, Kcom FTP - 63 visits
Invisible FTP - Alias: BackDoor-FN, Backdoor.MotivFTP.12 - 62 visits
Cattivik FTP Server - Alias: Backdoor.Senza - 60 visits
Backdoor.Hale - Alias: Backdoor.ServU-based - 58 visits

Random Trojan FTP Pages:
WM FTP Server
Phantom FTP
ServUDaemon - Alias: ServU-Daemon
FTP Backdoor
FTP Trojan Generator
Invisible FTP - Alias: BackDoor-FN, Backdoor.MotivFTP.12
Backdoor.Hale - Alias: Backdoor.ServU-based
CyberSpy FTP
ftppw - Alias: Backdoor.FTP.Evilgoat.b


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