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PWS Hooker Ttrojan Key Logger Information

Name: PWS Hooker Ttrojan
Category: Key Logger
Alias: - Alias: Windows.Keylogger Win9xME 4.10
Advice: Remove
Risk: Severe Risk Severe threats typically are remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, which can lead to system compromise. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction and exploits are in the wild. There exists a high possibility of potential system damage or security flaw. Attacker has complete control over your computer or install new software on your machine.

Signatures: process: pvds.exe: MD5 Hash: 35fcf97de86163a3f30... process: hkconf.exe: MD5 Hash: 82b3d9b8e26c0b0e258... process: hooconf.exe: MD5 Hash: e66098aed776e4b3ef9... process: os3211.exe: MD5 Hash: 42ec705312f6d50dbf7... process: quikerc.exe: MD5 Hash: d804ad9fb575058d175... process: hkconf.exe: MD5 Hash: 50dc06df614f05854b8... process: hooconf.exe: MD5 Hash: 0386a58012fa94e5829... process: hkconf.exe: MD5 Hash: 4a4f4824bc565e65ab4... process: hooker.exe: MD5 Hash: 67e95dd68d8852d49ac... process: os3211.exe: MD5 Hash: ..
Type: Key Logger - A Trojan software is any software on a user's computer that the user is not aware or intentionally installed. Most Trojan software is designed to perform some sort of actions that could jeopardize the user's security or privacy.

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