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Category: Browser Hijacker
Advice: Remove
Risk: Elevated Risk Elevated threats are usually threats that fall into the range of adware in which data about a user's habits are tracked and sent back to a server for analysis without your consent or knowledge.
Description: This is a Porn site, which has very bad spyware.

This is a Porn site, which has very bad spyware.

Signatures: process: brolk21yzp.exe: MD5 Hash: 0d2c7913e038fde2a06... process: j80e1e7wur1o67thd.exe: MD5 Hash: 0d2c7913e038fde2a06... process: m00.exe: MD5 Hash: 6640aed2cde3b60321f... process: m00.exe: MD5 Hash: 6640aed2cde3b60321f..
Type: Browser Hijacker - Browser hijackers are malicious programs that change a user's web browser settings, usually altering designated default start and search pages. In addition a browser hijacker can modify nearly every aspect of a web browser including adding bookmarks, and redirecting search traffic to alternative sites.

Top Browser Hijacker Visited Pages:
SuperSpider - Alias: Network Security Guard, Melcosoft - 577 visits
Tubby - Alias: MakeMeSearch, CoolWebSearch.Tubby, Spyware.Arau, Trojan.Win32.StartPage.ih, Trojan.StartPage-FJ - 211 visits - 123 visits
SecurityToolbar.DesktopScam - 122 visits
EUniverse Updater - Alias: WUpdate, eUniverse Flowgo toolbar, eUniverse SirSearch, SearchUpgrader, Search Upgrader - 120 visits
CoolWebSearch - Alias: CWS, Cool Web Serach, CoolWwwSearch - 116 visits
CrackSpider - Alias: Troj/Favadd-D - 106 visits
Trojan.StartPage - Alias: SearchCentral - 86 visits
Paytime - 84 visits
IEHijacker.Q - 80 visits

Random Browser Hijacker Pages:
PeopleOnPage - Alias: PeopleOnPage, POP!, POP! World, POP! Dating, SysAI, AI, AdIntelligence, PeopleOnPage Bar, POP, Envol
Msvrl Winsock Hijack
Keyhost - Alias: Adware.Jraun
WishBone Toolbar
Whazit Toolbar - Alias: Whattt
Spyware.Hijacker.mcicdb - Alias: mcicdb


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