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INetSpeak Websearch Cookie Information

Name: INetSpeak Websearch
Category: Cookie
Advice: Remove
Risk: Low Risk Low risk threats pose a very low risk or no immediate danger to your computer or your privacy, however these types of applications may profile user online habits, but only according to specific privacy policies stated in the applications End-User License. These types of threats generally borderline on being a threat to being a standard application that has a complex license agreement that you knowingly installed.
Description: InetSpeak is a browser helper object implementation that adds non removeable advertising to your Internet Explorer browser.

There are a large number of variants and it is not unusual to see two or more variants running on the same machine.

BHO42602 was included in Music Magnet, a free file-sharing program which appears to be a copy of Gnucleus. Installs just before the setup program is run.

The WindowsIE variant is known to have been distributed under the name 'Free Morpheus Upgrade Suite' as well as being bundled with later versions of Music Magnet and other software by the same authors.

The eBoom variant is an ActiveX drive-by-download on pages purporting to offer services like free e-mail and phone calls.

Other variants are typically installed under the guise of "accelerators" or "spyware removers" for the file-sharing software Kazaa.

Advertising and link content is fetched from the controlling servers (eg., when a new page is loaded, and displayed on newly-opened IE windows.

Type: Cookie - Cookies are small files that are created by your web browser when you visit sites on the Internet. They can be used to track your visits to certain web sites and can provide companies with information about frequency of visits and other profile information. The user is usually not aware that their surfing habits are being tracked.

Top Cookie Visited Pages:
bbs.darkcollection - 2421 visits
F.P.H.U. OF.PL/Super Laski Porn Dialer - 2034 visits - 1803 visits
XXXMovies - 1713 visits - 1193 visits
TurkPorn - 1116 visits
Zoofil - 1059 visits
Dragonballxxx - 1045 visits - 898 visits - 635 visits

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