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Pot.VegasRedCasino Misc Information

Name: Pot.VegasRedCasino
Category: Misc
Advice: Remove
Risk: Moderate Risk Moderate threats may profile users online habits or broadcast data back to a server with 'opt-out' permission. In most cases this type of threat is more along the lines of commercial type adware that offer a premium service in exchange for tracking your user online performance.
Description: Online casino game installed silently as part of a bundled installation.

Signatures: process: vegas red casino setup.exe: MD5 Hash: f9ff1e1e4068d728929... process: vegas red casino setup.exe: MD5 Hash: f9ff1e1e4068d728929... process: casino.exe: MD5 Hash: f34178617ea61abd135... process: replace.exe: MD5 Hash: 65b1611a8bb9ef583c5..
Type: Misc - Anything (other than a document) not in another category, perhaps because it falls into mulitple categories, such as a tool suite.

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