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C2.Lop Cookie Information

Name: C2.Lop
Category: Cookie
Advice: Remove
Risk: Low Risk Low risk threats pose a very low risk or no immediate danger to your computer or your privacy, however these types of applications may profile user online habits, but only according to specific privacy policies stated in the applications End-User License. These types of threats generally borderline on being a threat to being a standard application that has a complex license agreement that you knowingly installed.
Description: Lop is a group of spyware and hijacker programs that set your Internet Explorer start page and search features to use the site ('Live Online Portal') or one of its clone sites. is a web site owned by C2 Media. It is mainly a pay-per-click search portal where other web sites pay for each click-through to their site via lop. created a program which is labeled variously as an mp3 search program, a porn search program, or some other such thing. The installer turns the user's web browser into a device with a seemingly endless supply of links to

An early version (installer name download_plugin.exe) installs two files in the user's wallpaper folder, one an html file and the other a shockwave file. The html file contains code to load the shockwave file. The installer sets the html file as the user's wallpaper so that the flash search engine program is sitting on the desktop at every boot. The flash file does little more than open and close a series of collapsible menus containing more lop internet shortucts and a search function which queries.

A later version (installer name mp3serch.exe) omits this desktop feature as its bugginess reportedly led to its being discontinued. Both versions install a stripped down browser which uses the Internet Explorer web browser engine. This browser automatically launches the following URL:

The lop installer also makes dramatic changes to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Navigator, and Netscape Navigator. The default search engine pages, toolbar settings, and start page are changed. The lop installer adds scores of internet shortcuts in Internet Explorer's Favorites folder and in Mozilla's Bookmarks.htm file.

These lop installers create a BHO which produces an accessories toolbar in Internet Explorer full of - you guessed it - even more internet shortcuts. This BHO also takes control of the browser to make it redirect to if there is some error loading a page. It also changes bookmarks.html to bookmarks.bk!. The replacement file included all of lop's bookmarks. The lop installers finishes up by creating a registry entry to load a file named mp3serch.exe (or lopsearch.exe if you have the download_plugin.exe installer) at every boot. This entry will make Windows load the lop executable file on each machine restart.
Newer variants of C2Media's software omits the browser and BHO altogether, and instead installs dozens of internet shortcuts and sets the home page to The installer for this variant may be named mp3.exe or freemp3z.exe. These files may appear on your computer as a result of an activex script which automatically begins to download them when you load pages at certain mp3 and/or pornographic web sites. The files are digitally signed by C2Media, the company which owns the web site and software.

Known lop sites include:

Lop also adds shortcuts to advertisers.

Finally it adds a task to run on startup which sets your homepage and sear

Type: Cookie - Cookies are small files that are created by your web browser when you visit sites on the Internet. They can be used to track your visits to certain web sites and can provide companies with information about frequency of visits and other profile information. The user is usually not aware that their surfing habits are being tracked.

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