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Advanced Keylogger Key Logger Information

Name: Advanced Keylogger
Category: Key Logger
Advice: Remove
Risk: Moderate Risk Moderate threats may profile users online habits or broadcast data back to a server with 'opt-out' permission. In most cases this type of threat is more along the lines of commercial type adware that offer a premium service in exchange for tracking your user online performance.

Signatures: process: svchost.exe: MD5 Hash: 3b6d5e6220e20435616..
Type: Key Logger -

Top Key Logger Visited Pages:
Keyboard Thief - 3417 visits
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor - 2536 visits
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor 5.0 - 2063 visits
Keyboard Spectator Lite 1.3 - 1938 visits
Phantom of the Keyboard II - 1788 visits
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor Pro - Alias: SKInPro - 1412 visits
FKWP 2.0 - 452 visits
HackPass - 420 visits
Global Hook - 232 visits
winsniffer v1.22 - 143 visits

Random Key Logger Pages:
MSGate - Alias: Keylog-MSGate, Trojan.Spy.Msgate.01
PWS Hooker Ttrojan - Alias: Hooker
Impossible Key Logger - Alias: KeyLog-Impossible, Trojan.Spy.Wsnd
ShareAll - Alias: Trojan.Win32.ShareAll.c
CLogger - Alias: Trojan.Spy.CLogger
Shalo Keylogger
Home Watcher


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