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WebDownloader Trojan Downloader Information

Name: WebDownloader
Category: Trojan Downloader
Alias: - Alias: Backdoor.Hurmandor.10, Backdoor.VB.hy
Advice: Remove
Risk: High Risk High risk threats typically are remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, which can lead to system compromise. Successful exploitation does not normally require any interaction. May open up communication ports, use polymorphic tactics, stealth installations, and/or anti-spy counter measures. May use a security flaw in the operating system to gain access to your computer.

The default file downloaded by the trojan is The Infector (they are written by the same person). This could easily be changed to any file anywhere on the Web. The perpetrator just enter the URL where the wanted trojan is, and his ICQ UIN to receive notification when the infected user is online. The sender is able to destroy WebDownloader after it has downloaded its trojan file.

Signatures: process: configuration.exe: MD5 Hash: a244183745553e18dc0... process: webdl.exe: MD5 Hash: 5875d0fa4c564b34706... process: 13 year old sucking porn cock.exe: MD5 Hash: 7a74b84d5b14b5d4a81... process: 14 year old cock sucking anal sex.exe: MD5 Hash: 1f729a4e174f25ca62d... process: 1e2ceb.exe: MD5 Hash: a05e95f9dce9ad406b4... process: configuration.exe: MD5 Hash: 55524569282b9f2ab4e... process: editserver.exe: MD5 Hash: 889982d9b467fc44a79... process: editserver.exe: MD5 Hash: 1dfbe12f923a9c76e3c... process: server.exe: MD5 Hash: 7867b6444d8427de81d... process: server.exe: MD5 Hash: 9592d6fba5917391c28... process: thecleaner.exe: MD5 Hash: 2fde3c61417063367a9... process: webdl.exe: MD5 Hash: ff14ddd84a867c9c260... process: -1370366470.exe: MD5 Hash: 39dab4f6acb474de685... process: 12yearoldfucking .exe: MD5 Hash: f86cf60ed92313c0d91... process: 13 year old girl sucking goat.exe: MD5 Hash: acd4c08fcd57e3cc1de... process: 13yearoldfuck .exe: MD5 Hash: 82eaae3a1771e3c6433... process: 13yearoldgivinghead .exe: MD5 Hash: 01fae676361d1310bc9... process: 13yearoldgvinghead .exe: MD5 Hash: ab89d36f40211958fcb... process: 14 year old fucking .exe: MD5 Hash: e965b57f40e1579b814... process: 14yearoldgivinghead .exe: MD5 Hash: b25b226759fc495ee9a... process: 15 year old anal fuck.exe: MD5 Hash: be3e3670ba3a6a94097... process: carmen elektra playboy 2002.exe: MD5 Hash: ae779080b007e34ce26... process: configuration.exe: MD5 Hash: 93e74364477dfbc56cc... process: erotic sex .exe: MD5 Hash: ffa574327e979830f8e... process: fuckingfrenzy .exe: MD5 Hash: 48e04c77c7901e9fb17... process: hardcore teens .exe: MD5 Hash: 5687071b56842990525... process: hardcoreteengallery .exe: MD5 Hash: 54a8f232dcfb6d83a09... process: hardcoreteensex .exe: MD5 Hash: 131b330973289cb4fd7... process: hardcoreteenspussy .exe: MD5 Hash: 88c6592a73734b8ea0d... process: kiddy porn .exe: MD5 Hash: aed11295b6d2ad08278... process: pornhardcoregallery .exe: MD5 Hash: 477e11744df438f27a3... process: teen hardcore group .exe: MD5 Hash: c5efdd7dac69ec2e219... process: teenhardcore .exe: MD5 Hash: 546e5b7676c5a72d2e8... process: teensex .exe: MD5 Hash: 1e2acad7775c1dec42f... process: webdl.exe: MD5 Hash: ae8f08e276a0cad9ea5... process: webdl.exe: MD5 Hash: 0999e0853cd7147210a... process: woman fucking and sucking horse .exe: MD5 Hash: c9251c7e56bfabd99c8... process: editserver.exe: MD5 Hash: 1ed7538be0c494a68f9... process: server.exe: MD5 Hash: 691d4bb962ff60af6c7... process: config.exe: MD5 Hash: bfa5569843e560e2c24... process: editor.exe: MD5 Hash: 2c177ef1c8b6c0cd3a2... process: server.exe: MD5 Hash: 0ab935a0a67945f0891... process: webdl.exe: MD5 Hash: 728c6e351c83a035bae... process: server edit.exe: MD5 Hash: 74e064295e6864469e6... process: server.exe: MD5 Hash: 37ed7bfe3b82c5ac3c5..
Type: Trojan Downloader - A Trojan software is any software on a user's computer that the user is not aware or intentionally installed. Most Trojan software is designed to perform some sort of actions that could jeopardize the user's security or privacy.

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