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Browse Nuker - Spyware, Adware and Viruses Information: 1-11 listed after name

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1)  Atho Alias: Nuke-Miso, Nuker.Win32.ATH0
2)  AutoNuke Alias: Nuke-Nukeit, Nuker.Win32.AutoNuke.10
3)  BadLuck Reloaded Alias: Trojan.KillReg.c, Trojan.Win32.Belnow.a, Trojan.Win32.Belnow.a, Trojan.Win32.Belnow.d
4)  Biohazard Ping of Death
5)  Bling Bling Alias:,, bling.bling 1.0, Blingping trojan, Blingping
6)  Blood Lust Alias: FDoS-BloodLust, Nuker.BloodLust
7)  Bluescreen Generator
8)  Dark Native Apostle
9)  Smurf.8288 Alias: HLLP.8287, HLLT.8288a, Trojan.Smurf.8288
10)  TheLoader Alias: QZap171, Trojan.TheLoader
11)  WinSmurf Alias: Nuke-Smurf, Nuker.Win32.WinSmurf


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